About - Suzanna Schlemm


Suzanna is a brazilian figurative painter interested in our emotions. Her paintings tell stories that already exist within us: to look at her paintings is to see something inside ourselves.

Suzanna majored in Communication and worked as a copywriter for ten years. In 2001 she moved to NYC to study painting and to begin what would become her second career. During those years, she crafted her own curriculum, carefully choosing her teachers and schools, always keenly focused on practice and technique. She made the most of the city’s intense creative energy. As a full-time student at The New York Studio School, Suzanna earned multiple scholarships while in parallel taking a wide variety of art classes at other schools like The School of Visual Arts, The New York Art Students League and Parsons School of Design. Recently, in 2015, she was amid a handful of artists selected by painter Alex Kanevsky’s to join his workshop in Madrid and crowd-funded her way there.

Past exhibitions include a solo show at Northampton Center for the Arts (MA) and group shows at both Centro Cultural Correios and Parque das Ruinas, in Rio de Janeiro. Her work appears in Stroke of Genius 3, The Best of Drawing, published by North Light Books.

Today she lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil and her paintings can be found in collections all over the world. Her next solo show will take place in November this year in Galeria Vila Nova, in São Paulo.

“Suzanna’s work examines the strange familiarity of ordinary moments. It is the restless discomfort exhaling from the banality of quotidian life. Her paintings are like snapshots, fragments of trivial events ignored through the distracting passing of days, like the simple act of opening the drapes to look out the window…The act unveiling this intermediate layer, as Alberti said, is what make the passage between “the eye and the thing seen.”And what else has art searched, at least since the departure of the Gods, besides revealing the illusory familiarity of the world?”