Portrait & Commissions

About Portraits:

I like to remember that a portrait is, first and foremost, a painting, and I should treat it as one: with free brush strokes, quick gestures and that dose of spontaneity that makes the whole thing click. The tricky aspect is that, at the same time, I must activate opposite qualities like structure and an intense level of observation in order to end up with a face that can be instantly recognisable. Looseness and rigidity must walk hand in hand. It’s a very difficult and neurotic process… and I love it!

The Steps:

  1. Contact me: let's talk, in person or over the phone: I want to understand your expectations.

  2. Confirmation: I will send or confirm prices and mode of payment via email and wait for your green light.

  3. Reference Photo: if it is an oil portrait, I will hire a photographer, at my expense.  If it’s a watercolour or graphite portrait I can take the photos myself or maybe even use a photo you already have.

  4. Selection: I will make a short list of the photos and send it to you so we can pick one together. 

  5. Painting: I am ready to start! I only do one oil portrait per month so whatever month we do this will be your month.

  6. Delivery: Depending on your location, I will deliver your portrait in person. If this is not possible, I’ll use UPS or Fedex.

The Fees:

  • Oil Portraits: 20 in x 15 in  - u$ 3,000  (50% at commission and 50% at delivery, usually a month later) 

  • Watercolor: Any size within 21 inches - u$ 740,00 (50% at commission and 50% at delivery)

  • Pencil Drawing : Any size within 21 inches - u$ 220,00 (50% at commission and 50% at delivery)

  • Pet Portraits: same prices as above minus 30%, because of course they are my favourite thing to paint.

Please let me know if you have any questions! +1 (203) 767-7853 | suzanna@suzannaschlemm.com

Oil Portraits:

Watercolor Portraits:

Graphite Portraits:

Pet Portraits: